Governor signs new law allowing special licenses for veterans!

Governor signs new law allowing special licenses for veterans!

This is a great day for Michigan’s 680,000 veterans and the timing could not be more appropriate with Memorial Day about a week away.

Under bills signed by Gov. Snyder, vets who have received honorable discharges will be able to get a driver’s license or state ID card that clearly identifies them as a proud veteran. The licenses, which will be available next year, will be clear-cut, easy-to-carry documentation that will help veterans access the benefits and discounts they deserve. 

As important, it will help all of us celebrate and honor our brave veterans, to recognize their service and their sacrifice.

That one word – veteran – will tell the world that this is someone who stands tall, someone willing to be away from their family, someone willing to fight for the greater good and, when called to do so, is willing to put their life on the line.

I hope that every waiter, every store clerk and every bank teller who sees it will take a moment to say thank you. I know I will.

Thanks to Gov. Snyder, Rep. Jenkins, Sen. Booher and the Legislature. Our team at the Secretary of State’s office is looking forward to making this happen.